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     Nia Lane spent her early childhood in Compton, California until she turned seven and from there she would spend the rest of her formative years in Columbus, Ohio. 


From a child, Nia was always drawing or coloring something whether real or imaginary. By the time she was a teen, her drawings transformed along with her experiences and she was often criticized for being “different,” leading Nia to assimilate for acceptance and only being herself in the comfort of her room. This caused Nia to find comfort and connectivity that she lacked from relationships, through her creation of art.

     Nia draws her inspiration from Frida Kahlo, and her love for poetry, and music. Nia always had a strong attachment to literary devices that drew “pictures” in the form of words and she transferred those “pictures” from paper to canvas. Whether it be what she wrote herself, or someone else's words, many of her works are inspired by artists like Kendrick Lamar, Lauryn Hill, Tupac Shakur, and SZA, all of whom are very vulnerable in their storytelling. It almost encourages a sense of parasocial connectedness to these artists to feel understood in their own life, it helped Nia specifically see the power of relatability and the change it created. She knew she didn't want her paintings to only serve as an aesthetic pleasure, but a visual experience where even if the viewer may not relate they can understand and a deeper conversation can be had.

Even if she had to endure the personal embarrassment of being raw with her story and sharing it for the world to see, she didn’t mind because she understood that these conversations around the topics she explored– beauty, self-esteem, blackness, womanhood, inner-city life. These conversations were necessary and are the most heard when the facilitator is speaking from a place of vulnerability, experience, and open-mindedness. 


Nia is a strong believer in creating with a purpose, and for Nia that means using her own experiences to relate to others through painting. Providing a voice for herself and a space for healing for those who may not be as bold with the depths of their emotions, for those who feel alone, ugly, and misunderstood.. The list goes on. Nia creates in hopes that through her work she can inspire understanding and facilitate newer and more nuanced conversations around the topics she explores. 

      Nia’s areas of focus are narrated through portraits of herself and sometimes select people of color in various settings to exemplify the complex Black experience. Typically the scenery will be picturesque, allowing the audience to experience the beauty within a place of depth. As the topic may be heavy, or even sad, Nia captures the feeling or experience with saturated colors and powerful compositions so that we as a people can learn to embrace the parts of ourselves that we may hide or be ashamed of because they are a part of us and they are beautiful.

     In addition to tapping into emotion, Nia has formal training from a Fine Arts program she attended at Fort Hayes High School, El Camino Community College, and is currently attending UC Irvine to attain her BA in Art. Nia expresses herself by using materials such as oil paint, acrylic paint, and canvas to display richness, texture, and depth. 

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